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Born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Ricky received his BFA from the University of Arizona and has been working as a professional actor for over 15 years.  He currently resides in Minneapolis and tours the world with his original plays.  Ricky strives to break the conventional approach to solo-work and touring shows with full theatrical production, thoughtful plots, and highly physical performance.


A Zombie Odyssey

Ides of Undead March

Daughter of the Dead


Curie Me Away! (with Sadie Bowman)

Roberta and the Moon (with Christine Longè)


Calculus: The Musical! (Matheatre)

We are Proud to Present... (Pony World Theatre)

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of The Christmas Carol (Taproot Theatre)

Persuasion (Book-It Repertory)

Hunter/Gatherers (Washington Ensemble Theatre)

As You Like It (Wooden O)

Psychopathia Sexualis (Harlequin Productions)

The Tempest (Sound Theatre Company)

Jungle Book (Book-It All Over)

Angels in America: Part One (Arizona Repertory Theatre)

Beat the Sunset (ArtsWest)

Suffering Inc. (Pony World Theatre)

Mud Angel (LiveGirls!)

A Clockwork Orange (Ark Theatre Company)

5 x Tenn (Stone Soup)

Camino Real (theater simple)

Tecumseh! (Scioto Society)

Henry V (Greenstage)

Le Bete (ArtsWest)

Romeo and Juliet (Cripple Creek Players)

Arcadia (Bainbridge Performing Arts)

Snow Queen (theater simple)



Wrecked (Seasons 1 and 2) (Honey Toad Studios)

Nanovor (Smith and Tinker)

Do Me a Solid (Makeshift Airplane Films)

Shakespeare’s Merchant (Wild Vision Productions)

One Who Wears Red (HC/CU Productions)

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