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TESLA EX MACHINA is an energetic theatrical biography featuring live electrical science. In 1892, the famed inventor Nikola Tesla awoke with partial amnesia. Using his incredible willpower, he pieced his life back, memory by memory. Ricky Coates examines science and humanity through a virtuosic one-man performance, featuring demonstrations of a tesla coil, direct and indirect currents, and robotics. TESLA EX MACHINA is a touching exploration of memory, family, and what it means to be human in an age of technology.


Written and Performed by Ricky Coates

Directed by Darian Lindle

Choreography by Lauren Linder

Sound Design by Nick Notis

Special Thanks to:

K. Brian Neel, Kjell Hansen, Lee Ann Hittenberger, Sadie Bowman, Heather Wilson, Sarah Lockard, Pocket Theatre, Cincy Fringe, and Artist Trust


“Ricky Coates is electrifying as Nikola Tesla.” - Vue Weekly

“It’s about time Tesla won recognition for his genius.” - Edmonton Journal

“Coates is excellent...a fine and detailed performance, well-worth seeing.” - CityBeat

“The coolest props you'll see” - StarPhoenix

“Coates makes you believe you are a fly on the wall in Tesla's lab”

- Planet S

Creation of this work was made possible in part by Artist Trust.
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